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Second Season - Picnic 2008

September 6, 2008

Group picture

Julia with guests, Michael Ignatieff,MP and Peter Miltczyn,City Councillor

Bosko, Michael and Miodrag

Zora and Michael

Julia and Councillor Miltczyn

Laughing to comments

Giving praise to gardeners and the multicultural association of Bosnian seniors and their friends

Appreciating the speech

Preparing for the 2008 federal election

Greeting seniors

Boy's Club

Girl's Club

More girls

Serious talk

Enjoying the picnic

Having fun

A gardener with her children

Admiring the sunflower

Marko bringing food

Arranging food

Bosnian specialties

Fundrasing at Montgomery Inn

April 2008 opening day

Preparing for a second season

Hard work

Group picture

Miodrag and Cica

Children's Day - 2008


















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