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Welcome to the Multi-ethnic Bosnian Community Garden in Toronto

New Horizons Community Garden was founded by the members of the Multicultural Association of Bosnian Seniors and their Friends, a non-for profit organization funded by Social Development Canada as a part of the New Horizons for Seniors Program. About Us Our main goals are to empower seniors by giving them a meaningful project to work on and to reduce their feeling of isolation by allowing them to interact with others. They can do this by gardening, participating in educational workshops and attending social gatherings.




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Latest News and Events- Najnovije Vijesti i Dogadaji

News and Events

Schedule of Events for 2015

posted April 7, 2015

January 31:

Workshop on "Community Resources for Seniors" by Natasa Boskovic, manager, Newcomer Women's Services Toronto

March 7:

"International Women's Day" and a Workshop on Wills, Power of Attorney, Testaments and other Legal Issues" by Alen Katic, lawyer

April 25:

Workshop on "Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) services for Seniors" by Dejana Veljko, manager, CCAC

June, July and August:

Join us in the Garden every first and third Sunday of each month from 12am -4pm


Pridruzite nam se u basti u ljetnim mjesecima. Basta ce biti otvorena svake prve i trece nedelje u mjesecu junu, julu i augustu od 12 do 4 popodne.

November 7:

Group exercise class for seniors by Mary Anne from Circle of Care.

December 6:

Year-end Celebration Party


News and Events of 2014

posted April 2, 2014


February 28:

Workshop on "Funeral Services Information" by Nada Ban

March 8:

"International Women's Day"

April 12:

Workshop on "Healthy Eating: Benefits of being Vegetarian" by Ruzica Ognjenovic

May 11:

Garden Opening Celebration from 11am - 2pm

June, July and August:

Join us in the Garden every first and third Sunday of each month from 12am -6pm

September 7:

8th Annual Community Garden Picnic and Fundraiser from 12am - 4pm

November 22:

Workshop on "Vitamins and over the counter medications" by Milena Milicevic, Pharmacist

December 7:

Year-end Celebration Party



News and Events of 2013

posted February 23, 2013

January 28: 11am - 1pm, COSTI Corvetti Education Centre

Election of the new Board of Directors

February 21:

Received a $100 donation for the Bosnian Community Garden from Morley Bedford Funeral Services in memory of Mr. Miso Corovic, who passed away suddenly in Toronto in his 84th year. Miso had a big heart and a great sense about living the full life and showing others about the same.

March 2: 11am - 1pm, COSTI Corvetti Education centre

Workshop on "Medications and Supplements" by Dr. Slavica Novakov"

March 8:

"International Women's Day"

May 9:

Trip to Ottawa

May 19:

Garden Opening Celebration

July 21:

Join us at the Garden for fun and games

September 8:

7th Annual Community Garden Picnic and Fundraiser

November 1 and 16:

Workshops on "Scams" and "Estate Planning"

December 8:

10th Anniversary Celebration of our Association

In Memoriam

Svetozar Vuckovic (Vucko) loved gardening. His beans, tomatoes and herbs were admired by everyone. Vucko was also very knowledgeable about medicinal benefits of herbs, and was often asked for advice, for all kinds of ailments, by many seniors and members of the Association. He will be greatly missed, but the sorrow will be lessened by knowing that he is again in the company of his beloved wife Danica who died last year.




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